Beat Root Instruments have eights hand tuned tones. The instrument is offered in 4 different scales, but each instrument can be modified by using our tuning kit to create new scales and variations.

The Akebono scale: ideal to improvise, to  create a  relaxing atmosphere and express yourself: Tuned in  This scle is tuned in: G A Bb D Eb G A Bb

This scale is the easiest to play Its widely known amongst Hang drums enthousiasts and is adapted to musicians of all levels.

The Akebono scale comes from the traditional  Japanese music. This scale uses the same mix of notes as the diatonic scale and has no fundamental tone, which enables the musician to choose the fundamental tone depending on his inspiration.

The Akebono scale is popular amongst musicotherapy praticians as it is very instinctive and our instruments are also available in 432Hz tuning.

The Beat Root Scale, for unique compositions and melodies: F# B C# D F# G# A C#

This is our favorite scale!

Very melodic, with a hint of melancoly makes this scale one of the richest sale of all: This scale has three main chords G min, C min, and B Phrygian .

With a bit of practice, you wll enjoy the possibilities of playing these three scales and create harmonic movements easily  ( I-V-VI  for example)

The Pentatonic Scale : F# A# C# D# F# G# A# C#

The guitarists favorite scale!

The pentatonic scale is widely used in modern music, it is a simple and nice scale. With this tuning you will be able to play in A min, A ,E min or G easily. This scale is a pleasure to play with other musician and improvise with guitar and keyboards. This scale really benefits from the electro acoustic option as it the instrument can be easily be played live on stage with other musicians.

The Major Scale: F# B C# D# F# G# A# C#

This scale is ideal to use with the optional tuning kit as it s very easy to tune to minor scales. This scale is naturally warm and joyfull, and is particularly suited for mosucian looking for a polyvalent instrument.  The optionalTuning kit is highly recommended on this scale.

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