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Beat Root


High quality Steel tongue drum, with a mat paint and a carbon effect stripe.

The instrument i available in 4 scales (see videos)

An optional electro-acoustic version enables musicians to play with effect pedals or on amplification thanks to its 6.5mm Jack plug.




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Product Description

High Quality Hank Drum , available in 2 colour and 4 different scales: 

  • Beat Root Scale in B minor        (G C D Eb G A Bb D)

  • Major Sale in B Major                          (G C D E G A B D)

  • Pentatonic Scale in F Major:            ( G B D E G A B D)

  • Akebono Scale in G:                      (G A Bb D Eb G A Bb)

Manufactured from a specific alloy, beat root has exceptional sound properties. the instrument is shaped and cut using technologies to ensure a consistent quality.

Beat Root Hank drums are painted inside and out to give a nice finish, a soft touch and guarantee its durability. the paint is shock resistant, but we recommend to remove rings and all hard jewelry  before playing to avoid scratches. A carbon effect stripe gives a modern and original design touch.

The instrument can be played with hands or mallets.

Beat Root is available in electro-acoustic version, equipped with a microphone and a 6.5mm Jack to plug the instrument on an amplificator (Guitar amp recommended), an effect pedal or other accessories. he electro acoustic version is ideal for recording or simply play with a band.

Manufactured in France, the instrument is delivered with a pair of mallets.


Additional Information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 30 x 30 x 17 cm

Black with white stripe, White with black stripe


Beat Root, Pentatonic, Akebono, Major


Acoustic, Electro Acoustic (+50€)